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The 10 best spas & massage parlour in Jakarta

From The Jakarta'$ One Hundred, 5 year ago, Read 18351 times. Similar articles

There are two broad kinds of massage parlours in Jakarta:* The massage parlours not associated with any sexual services, which are often referred to as "family spa". They are located mostly in South Jakarta, in malls or in the 5 stars hotels for the best ones. I wrote an article (here: Jakarta's Best massage & Spa) about these to help you find the best one for you.* The second kind of massage parlours offer a "plus plus", or an extra service (handjob finish), and cater only to men. Almost... Read more
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Beyond Lounge (Jl Iskandarsya, in front of Pasaraya Grande)

From The Jakarta'$ One Hundred, 5 year ago, Read 20 times. Similar articles

Lounge/club with house music. We got kicked out for no reasons, just after buying four long islands, because a customer (apparently the manager of Dewa) didn't like us. I'm sure it's good though. Read more
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2nd Floor Bar (Kemang)

From The Jakarta'$ One Hundred, 5 year ago, Read 17 times. Similar articles

High school bar, really cheap. Music was Top 40 last time I came. An all-time favourite of Kemang's nightlife. Read more
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Apollo Bar and Lounge (Bellagio Boutique Mall, UG Floor)

From The Jakarta'$ One Hundred, 5 year ago, Read 10 times. Similar articles

The new gay bar in Jakarta. They have live male dancers, usually foreign models. People from both sex are welcomed. The price is rp 80,000 for special events. Read more
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Absolut Café and Pool Bar (Jalan Jaksa)

From The Jakarta'$ One Hundred, 5 year ago, Read 5 times. Similar articles

One of the only bar in Jaksa with air-con. Lots of English teachers and journalists, and also some girls from Jaksa. Free pool table, darts, cheap beer, Premier League Soccer games on screen and always quite crowded by the same group of people. Nice.More about Jalan Jaksa and nightlife in Jakarta on our french blog: jakartateam.blogspot.com Read more
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BATS (Hotel Shangri-La)

From The Jakarta'$ One Hundred, 5 year ago, Read 22 times. Similar articles

An all-time favourite of Jakarta's nightlife. Very, very popular bar among expatriates, especially those who are already married. Easy to know why, counting the number of pretty, sexy girls. But the place isn't just about having sex. You can have a lot of fun partying there, because you will easily meet people in a relaxed atmostsphere. BATS has a live band, imported from Quebec the more often and playing Top 40 songs. A bit annoying because it's hard to talk and hard to find a place to seat... Read more
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Bengkel Night Club (Semanggi)

From The Jakarta'$ One Hundred, 5 year ago, Read 58 times. Similar articles

Techno club, good sound system. They have karaoke also. On their website they consider themselves as the biggest nightclub in the world, with 15,000 people capacity. It's not true though having spent some time inside to check the capacity. However, the billiard place is huge for sure. Somebody told me it used to be the place to get striptease in Jakarta. It is probably closed but we need somebody to confirm. Read more
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Babyface Bar and Nightlcub (CLOSED) (Sarinah, same building as Cinema XXI)

From The Jakarta'$ One Hundred, 5 year ago, Read 2 times. Similar articles

Babyface closed a year ago... Its zenith was on the day of its opening as they had organized a huge party with indonesian celebrities, fashion models and TV cameras... but it never took off after that.. Read more
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Bin's Club and Karaoke (Lokasari Plaza, Jakarta)

From The Jakarta'$ One Hundred, 5 year ago, Read 56 times. Similar articles

Funny karaoke, but it has nothing really special compared to other Karaoke in Lokasari: The same terrible microphone, bad speakers and girls on ecstasy. And it's not really funny, it's just the name... It might be a massage parlour as well, since there are so many floors and so many prostitutes going up and down. Read more
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Barcode (Jalan Kemang Raya No.8 3rd Floor )

From The Jakarta'$ One Hundred, 5 year ago, Read 1 times. Similar articles

New "luxury" club in Kemang. Im not really a fan of the night clubs in Kemang. The crowd is too young, the girls still have braces and the music played is the same everywhere. The clubs' lifetime in the area is about 6 month, then they're not hip anymore, then they re-open later with a different name and a promise to be different.But since bar-hopping is so easy in the city, don't miss an opportunity to experience more of Jakarta's nightlife... after all, it's not that bad, if not the best. Read more
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BB's Reggae and Blues Bar and Club - Live performance-(Plaza Menteng, Jl Cokroaminoto)

From The Jakarta'$ One Hundred, 5 year ago, Read 22 times. Similar articles

Very popular bar with many young european expats (those working for embassies and NGOs) and the alternative crowd. Reggae/blues concerts. Tony Q plays on Friday nights, bringing along a large crowd of fans. Not many girls and no working girls at all."Laid-back atmosphere, different from the rest of Jakarta's bars". SZ Read more
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