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wanted: family pic

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can hardly believe we’ve already entered the last quarter of the year! before yo know it, christmas will be upon us! for the last few years, the holiday season has been creeping up on me, i have not been able to send a single christmas card! i still prefer to send cards the traditional snail [...] Read more
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jan's futsal birthday party

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Futsal is a variant of association football that is mainly played indoors. Its name is derived from the Portuguese futebol de salão and the Spanish fútbol sala/de salón, which can be translated as ’salon football’. In Madrid 1985 the name fútbol de saló and all other names the game was called were changed officially and [...] Read more
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smoke gets in your eyes

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so we’re back from our philippine trip. i think this has got to be the most uneventful pinas vacation i’ve ever had, having been cooped up indoors the entire week. three typhoons in a span of a week made for a very wet weather. there went all my plans of outdoorsy activities for jan! back here [...] Read more
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how to earn 20 to 70 million pesos in three years

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some people need retail therapy to counteract depression. not me. in fact, retail therapy, especially where clothes are concerned, now makes me depressed. when you have a recalcitrant wobbly bulge at your midriff, it kinda narrows down the styles you can wear and it becomes more challenging to find something that won’t make you look [...] Read more
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fitting room fiascos

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when we were still in germany, november used to be my most hated month. winter has just started and unlike the other winter months, there was nothing in november to really look forward to. now that we’re here in singapore, i think august takes it place. my eyes have been itchy the entire month due [...] Read more
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now that his birthday is over, jan’s already started on is christmas wishlist. at the top of the list is something he already wanted for his birthday, but we decided is not yet appropriate for his age: PSP or playstation 3. of course, he can’t understand why he can’t own one, when he was allowed [...] Read more
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missing germsland

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less than two years ago, i never thought i would say it but the longer we live outside of germany, the more i realize that it’s really not such a bad place to live in. there are many things i miss, and values that i appreciate more, now that i’m outside-looking-in. the approach to education [...] Read more
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crass, just crass

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yet another reason why i will NOT vote for this guy. the nerve. he could argue that he used his personal funds for these. after all, with a net worth of more than P1B, he’s the richest senator of the country (magkano kaya worth ng term life insurance nya'). but still, it reeks of trapo [...] Read more
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book depository

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for the past 10 years or so, we have been loyal patrons of Amazon books and CDs, especially when we were in germany, where the selection of english books were limited. now that we’re here in singapore, we still order books online, but have found the international shipping costs to be almost too much to bear! i’ve recently found an alternative to amazon, though, and they do ship worldwide, too. for FREE. for all bookworms, check out and compare prices from the book depository! Read more
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the following is a paid review. of late, i’ve been receiving many travel offers by email and ironically, if i were interested in making travel bookings, it would probably take me longer than ever to find the cheapest offers. i wish there was something as comprehensive as travelgrove that caters specifically to asia. travelgrove is a meta search engine that helps travelers find the best deals on airfares, hotel rentals, car rentals, cruise deals and vacation packages. basically, they look... Read more
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