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Ukraine, Belarus Make Up for Russians on Bulgaria's Property Market - - Sofia News Agency

From Uncle Bulgaria's blog on all thi, Yesterday, Read 0 times. Similar articles

Ukraine, Belarus Make Up for Russians on Bulgaria's Property Market - - Sofia News Agency: 'via Blog this' Read more
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Catskills retreat

From 66 Square Feet, 2 days ago, Read 0 times. Similar articles

We drove northwest for a couple of hours. And we stayed a couple of hours. A couple of days would have been ideal; we love this part of the Catskills. But we squeezed out what we could. Stopping in tiny Grahamsville I popped into the impressive local museum for a bathroom break. Inside is an interactive exhibit about the water that is led from the Catskills to thirsty New York City - "Tunnels, Toil and Trouble " - worth a visit. In the small shop I bought a biography of John Burroughs, a... Read more
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From 66 Square Feet, 3 days ago, Read 1 times. Similar articles

We are leaving the city. For a whole day. In a real car. With wheels.We are leaving behind the lablab beans.The scarlet runners (see the green pods'). The Malabar spinach.The night-scented Nicotiana. Oh, and the cat (he had too many martinis last night). Read more
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Mushroom dinner

From 66 Square Feet, 3 days ago, Read 0 times. Similar articles

When I was very little my father and I found mushrooms like these growing under the barbed wire fence on the koppie over the road from our house. The land on the other side of the fence belonged to the state president. But we figured the mushrooms belonged to us. My mother said they were horse mushrooms (Agaricus arvensis) and cooked them for my father's supper. But we didn't eat any. Just in case, she told me, years later.Occasionally I see perfect large brown mushrooms in local supermarkets.... Read more
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Work hard... have fun :)

From Adnilem's Journey, 5 days ago, Read 0 times. Similar articles

Yaaay... i am done with my deadline works and projects for this month ... feeling satisfied! ... after some days of rest this week ... September is coming ...another works and projects are waiting for me to be started and done ... never ending ... there are some pressures but i love being busy ... i love what i am doing ... thanks God for making me occupied ... done with one of my deadline works  i also finally accepted yesterday my ever first business trip offer abroad as... Read more
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Pan bagna

From 66 Square Feet, 5 days ago, Read 0 times. Similar articles

Summer evenings are shortening. We might sit down to supper in the light of dusk but by the time 8 o' clock is behind us the Harlem terrace is dark.I made pan bagna  - it means bathed bread (olive oil is key) - on a recent, warm evening. It's pretty much a salad Ni?oise, deconstructed, and we assembled it ourselves. I am lucky to live with someone who likes strong flavours as much as I do. The onion disappeared first, soon followed by the capers and chopped anchovies..The Frenchman... Read more
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Ice Bucket Challenge!

From Adnilem's Journey, 5 days ago, Read 0 times. Similar articles

I knew this time would come ... now it's my turn!  :(here's a nomination from my niece in Canada that was tag to me this morning for ALS ice bucket challenge...waaaa ... mag-donate na lang ako!!! hahaha !!!Jacky ...  if u visit us here in Japan on November ... watch out !!!  hahaha!!! FYI --- sharing portion! Ice Bucket Challenge May Cause Harm: (Read These Tips to Avoid Injury.)By Dr Willie Ong (The Philippine STAR)"Warning to elderly, pregnant women, ailing and those... Read more
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It's doggy dog world!

From Adnilem's Journey, 6 days ago, Read 0 times. Similar articles

From my family to yours ... happy national dog day !!!  We love puppy terrier xxA throwback photo of my two precious ... we miss u Lucky xx Read more
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Summer market

From 66 Square Feet, 6 days ago, Read 0 times. Similar articles

From 125th Street, the 4 train took to me to Union Square in about twelve minutes. I needed, really needed, a tomato fix. Those things in the supermarkets are not tomatoes.When I saw the beans I wanted a bean fix, too, but I stayed strong (why').The market was in tomato flood.I did collect a box of those small dark plums, below. And these...The city honey bees had found them.And we ate these funny-beautiful tomatoes for supper, with basil and olive oil and garlic, and slices of toasted... Read more
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