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We're here to help you understand the importance of expat medical insurance and make it simple to research, compare, and buy plans for your life abroad

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Lifelong contracts, instant security

We've seen countless expats, just like you, struggle with non-renewable, short-term medical insurance and end up in a financial mess due to unexpected medical mishaps.


With over 15 years of dedicated service, we have been assisting expatriates in making informed insurance purchase decisions.

Service Culture

Offering quality service to our customers in every situation. This is achieved with the help of tailor-made IT systems that enable us to manage unique customer requirements.

Long-term partnerships

We help policyholders by understanding what they want to achieve, and offer them insurance that matches their needs. We believe that a transparent relationship, based on trust, fosters success.

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Expert Guidance for Your Expat Health Insurance Needs

Easy Insurance Plan Comparison

Easily compare plans tailored to your needs. Find the perfect fit with transparent, unbiased analyses.

Expert Guidance for Your Destination Health

Consult with our destination healthcare expert for tailored advice on choosing the right insurance plan. Benefit from their local knowledge and expertise for peace of mind abroad.

Bringing The World To You



We spare you the overwhelming process of analyzing medical plans to find the best solution



We have direct relationship including regular face to face meetings with over 15 health insurance providers

Cost-effective financial protection, lifelong contracts, access to quality private medical facilities

Private Health Insurance in Indonesia

Indonesia Expat Health Coverage: Quick, Reliable Insurance for Your Medical Needs Abroad

Expat Medical Insurance in Singapore

Singapore Expat Private Health Plans: Quick, Reliable Coverage for Your Medical Needs

Find the local coverage that suits you

With our unique method of comparing 15 insurance providers, you can access lifelong contract, quality healthcare, financial protection, as well as evacuation and repatriation.

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